Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Giveaway from Ideku Handmade


Yeeayyy, Ideku Handmade Special Birthday Giveaway
Just wish me luck readers and for more information visit her blog guys, ini blognya

Here's the list for 8 lucky readers:
- 1 Birdie Purse made by H&M (she got when she was on Eurotrip last Dec, lucky you :*)
- 1 Ms. Foxie Purse made by H&M (yes, this is also from Europe)
- 1 Post-It Notes Green
- 1 Post-It Notes Blue
- 1 Post-It Notes Red
- 1 Martha Stewart's Big Book
- 1 Rabbit Doll made by Ideku Handmade
- 1 Mushroom Plushie made by Ideku Handmade

How to win it?
- Follow Ideku Handmade's Blog
- Join Ideku Handmade Page on Facebook
- Join Ideku Handmade Twitter
- You don't need to choose what prize you like because Them will pick the prize randomly for the winners.
- Leave a comment about Ideku Handmade. Anything :) And don't forget to put your e-mail.
- Put the Birthday Giveaway button on your sidebar.
- Please kindly repost this Birthday Giveaway as much as you can. And give the link to their blog.

And the most important thing is: Ideku Handmade Birthday Giveaway is open for EVERYBODY in this beautiful world!! I will sellect the winners randomly on June 30, 2012.

Come on guys joint this give away, 
and now for me to pray, wish i can win amiiiinn.

with love
nuning abe

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