Kamis, 30 September 2010

Masalah atau pembelajaran hidup

Harusnya semester ini adalah pembuktian akhir dari gw,sebagai mahasiswa Arsitektur,dengan mengajukan proposal Ta,

Tapi,tuhan masih pengen gw untuk belajar lebih dalam dan lebih mengerti bagaimana untuk menjadi seorang Arsitek yang bisa berguna di lingkungannya,yang sanggup diterpa kejamnya kehidupan dan persaingan dunia,bukan menjadi seorang Arsitek yang tanpa merasakan getirnya menghadapi masalah masalah kecil.
Tapi gw gak mau menyebut itu semua “masalah”,gw lebih suka menyebutnya “pembelajaran hidup”untuk seorang Arsitek

Yahh apa sih Pembelajaran hidup yang gw dapat selama menjadi mahasiswa Arsitek untuk menjadi seorang Arsitek:
mencoba untuk menjadi Arsitek Idealis ataupun mengikuti apa kata orang

  •      arsitek butuh bersosialisasi >> yah tanpa kita kuliah di jur.  Arsitektur pun kita harus bersosialisasi satu sama lain,
tanpa bersosialisasi dengan baik kita gak akan tau perubahan apa yang dunia inginkan     dari seorang Arsitektur.Tanpa bersosialisasi kita gak akan bisa bekerjasama dengan       baik,karna Arsitek adalah kerja team,bukan kerja individual,

  •    Harus bisa beradaptasi
Yah kita harus bisa beradaptasi dengan lingkungan secara baik.
Lingkungan dalam arti di sini bukan hanya lingkungan kerja antara hubungan klien dan sang arsitek,arsitek dengan engineering,tapi juga arsitek dengan lingkungan dimana ia akan membangun karyanya,[istilahnya tapak dmana lo akan bangun rancangan lo], kita harus memiliki RUH dalam desain kita sehingga hasilnya pun bukan hanya bangunan mati semata tapi bangunan yang memiliki “Ruh” untuk selalu di kenang orang.

  • Selalu Buka mata dan buka hati
Buka mata kita,apa yang orang inginkan saat ini,
Buka hati kita apa yang orang keluhkan saat ini
Buka mata kita,perkembangan apa yang terjadi saat ini
Buka hati kita harus diapakan dunia ini
Buka mata kita akan di bawa kemana kebudayaan arsitektur kita
Buka hati kita dan pahami semua kebudayaan itu

  •      Mendisain untuk Kepuasan hati atau Kepuasan Klien
Mendisain lah dengan hati hingga munculnya ikatan batin dan kerjakanlah sepenuh hati hingga mencapai kepuasan hati ,,
Kata kata yang sering diucapkan adalah hati karna sesuatu yang dikerjakan dari hati akan menghasilkan kepuasan kita sebagai pembuat dan kepuasan klien sebagai penikmat


with Luph

My life today is the process for my future

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

The last morning of September this year
20 days ahead the rest of the day when my 21'st-year age

20 days ahead I will enter a new life's journey at the age to 22'nd
is fixed not been nearly 21 years over my foot on this earth and God knows how many more years I can be on this earth

22'nd years in 2010 on  20-10
remember if any kind of funny that I've missed for 22'nd years

in the first year ....
20-10-1988 Thursday at 12.00 AM I was born
I was given the name "Nuning nurtiara abe"
which has a very good sense
- "Nuning" was taken from my grandmother  "Cik Uning" just taken "ning" it just
because the parents back home I was given the name of each child the same name or there are few elements of the grandfather or grandmother's name

- "Nurtiara" each child's name my parents must have the word "nur" which means "light"
while the "tiara" is the crown throne of three, three are my brothers n my sister who protected me as the youngest

- "Abe" Now every time I meet new people and mention my name, surely they asked what the meaning of "abe"
actually not a long story, but hard to explain
"Abe" is actually an extension of the "Agung BErmawi" taken from the name of my grandfather "bermawi" and on the back of my brothers name must be listed without the name of the Agung Bermawi quickly became the ABE, but because I was the daughter and when my first sister to make a birth certificate and include the name of the Great rejected by the district bermawi because girls are not allowed to use a family name
and finally my father had proposed the name of ABE is to me that means "father of many" or leader in Japanese language

hopefully prayer is in my name would come true......


really wonderful all the stories of my life to be remembered and retold ....
Okeh maybe I can record all the memories of my childhood when I started entering the age of 3-4 years
when I started to know a public school in Park Aisyiyah childhood in Grogol precisely in the way Drs.Susilo
I am really happy with my childhood with my parents who really loved me

 huaaaaaaaaa really long journey of my life if I want to tell each one of my starting school at primary school Muhammadiyah X, times really a very unforgettable memory of that moment and then I was the age that teens, ages know the love monkey, know the meaning of friendship which time I entered the 89'th Junior high school  where I started to experience periods of very beautiful teens and at the same time I've done stupid things that lead to both my parents became angry and upset with me, and I get rid of my parents trust  really stupid if considering it.

okey forget that moment, and this is the happiest moment in my life, that is senior  high school of 23rd, times when young people grew older, the more unstable thoughts
but unfortunately when class 2 semester2 I have to leave my beloved hometown of Jakarta, heavy to remove it, but what can say, I have to move to a small town that is KAYUAGUNG birthplace of my parents, because the condition of my father who wants to enjoy his old age at his birthplace , to this very day of regret is still there, and in my heart, I vowed to return to Jakarta  and finally I go to school in SMANSAKA, which viewed from the front looks very good, but when entered into can only say "astaghfirullah"

 and "Thank God" I was always the next grade
hehehehehehe ........

and I also lecture at the University of Sriwijaya , architectural engineering faculty
majors that I did not think would be my choice and probably my future, from the first every in question I always wanted to be a doctor, emmmhhh

but I have no regrets with this choice, this may be the best path chosen god, though I felt during my college I experienced a lot of obstacles, the task of piling up and so far I still fight for the title of ST, amiiinnn

yeeeaaayyy,, has 21'st years of living this life with all its happy, sad, happy, that I may not tell here in detail
but I am grateful for all that I experienced, the friends that I have all this time, fraternities and many other things

wish it was at the age of 22'nd  years later I can get that title

and what I've given so far during 21'st year
apparently still not comparable to what I enjoy now, I can only give thanks and something when I will provide the best for life, family, relatives, friends, nation, state, and the world
I can certainly

Wa'alaikumsalam wr.wb
with Luph
nuning abe
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