Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

All Day Think Of You, Because You're No 1, So Please Call My Name


I didn’t know when you were with me
I didn’t know even after you left
But after time passed, I finally realized

-Comeback when u hear this song-
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I can see your life
I can see your world
I can fall right into your life
I can see your life
I can see your world
I can fall right into your life
- Junho, just a feeling-
I can’t do a thing all day because of you
It is like you took my heart away
It is like you’re here by my side
My head is enraptured in last night’s memories
I cannot break free, it is all because of you, I am going out of my mind, I want you
Want to possess you, want to touch you
Sinking in Deeper and Deeper
I know you’ve been waiting for a while, I’m going right now
When I meet you at the end of this road, I’ll run to you and hug you
If you’re listening, if you’ve been waiting
Hold out your hand strongly from faraway
If you remember, so that I can find you at once, so that I can hold you
-Call My Name-
Today marks the first day for us
We have a drama-like fate
Hearts flutter like in the movies, I do
I’m the perfect girl for you
This is really the first time I’m being like this
Don’t ask me why I like you
Each minute and each second of a day passes so fast when I look at you
I’m different from other girls, don’t trust anyone else but me
I can’t take it anymore, come closer to me
-Today marks the first day-

with love
nuning abe
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