Minggu, 29 April 2012

Hijabers Inspiration


Who inspires your hijab ??

Many beautiful young hijabers can be our inspiration as a young women wearing a hijab,
not only because her fashion but also with her knowledge and experience and the positive values they held that we can take and we learn.
Young Designer Muslimah

Mualaf and designer muslimah, Blasteran Jepang-Inggris

Fashion Designer
Hijab scraft blogger

Singer and Designer Muslimah

6 komentar:

  1. I Love Dina <3

  2. yesss, me too dina's style is awesome

  3. Dina should be on top!

  4. aku suka mereka semua.. posting yg bagus :) silahkan mampir ke blogku dear. salam kenal.. semoga kita bisa menjadi teman :D

  5. yupp,mereka semua sangat menginspirasi saya dan cantik cantik pula,
    semogaa kita bisa menjadi teman,follow blog aku yahhh cantik

  6. Windy Setiorini6 September 2015 09.35

    They are all really inspiring, but for daily wear - I get from this hijab collection it is more practical :)


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